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Think artisans, Think wrkman

Because of the way we’re wired as humans, ultimately we are in control of our own computers. It’s very much like having admin privileges. How many times have you needed to hire artisans and didn’t remember to use your wrkman app?

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Find artisans in Lagos and Abuja with ease. Use the wrkman app.

Live statistics straight from our field agents during our last vox pop run confirmed that at least 1 in 5 Nigerians suffer from the dearth of skilled workers (artisans).

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Revealed! 5 things you should never do when dealing with artisans in Lagos

Dealing with artisans in Lagos can be likened to staking all your life savings in a casino in Las Vegas.

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Sometimes you don’t need artisans. 4 Do It Yourself tips you can apply at home.

Hold on to your hammer and screwdriver. It’s DIY time!

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5 unbelievable facts about the chaotic artisan industry most Nigerians are unaware of.

Have you ever wondered why reliable artisans are so hard to come by? How it has come to be that finding artisans in Lagos seems next to impossible.

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Now that you have downloaded wrkman. What’s next?

By downloading the wrkman app you have essentially said goodbye to long frustrating moments at the hands of artisans.

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wrkman is helping lives everyday. Read how an artisan earns over a million using wrkman.

A couple of weeks into using the platform to get clients, Biodun had this to say “Wrkman has really helped me, I’ve gotten many jobs and contracts”.

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