Sometimes you don’t need artisans. 4 Do It Yourself tips you can apply at home.

Posted by Zurk , on May 17, 2022

Hold on to your hammer and screwdriver. It’s DIY time!

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Do you recall the story of a young bright boy who insisted he could fix the junction box when it started tripping? Despite his father’s warning to hire a local artisan, Johnny was sure he could do it. After all, He was an “engineering student”. All OGs before the IG skit takeover know exactly how that story ends.

If you can handle a hammer or screwdriver, there’s some good news for you; You can take care of some things in the house without necessarily being the next Johnny.

For starters, here are 4 DIY tips you can try at home:

Restore faucet flow

Eventually, showerheads will have a lower flow and may even start spraying water in an irregular pattern. The tip of the faucet becomes clogged with microscopic grains of sand or other mineral deposits causing irregular water flow.

To solve this, gently loosen the faucet (using a rag makes it easier), then remove any debris and immerse it in vinegar for about one hour. Reassemble after scrubbing it clean.

Shut up loud door hinges

When door hinges start to squeal, you can spray some lubricant into the middle of the hinge to quiet them. If that doesn't work, try knocking the hinge pin up about halfway with a screwdriver and hammer, and then rubbing some lubricant on it. Either way, the lube is necessary.

Smooth out sticky windows

Windows that stutter and skip and stick when you try to open for a bit of fresh air is extremely annoying. Trying to force windows open when sticky can also stress the window and cause damage over time, so, next time you feel any resistance, spray a bit of lubricant on a rag and then lightly coat the guides. This works for plastic, metal, or wood.

Clean up burnt pans

Cookware that has been subjected to a lot of use may ultimately develop black and brown scorched markings all over it. We know these marks. To solve this, mix equal parts baking soda and cream of tartar with a drop or two of liquid dishwashing soap to remove easily. Apply it to the burned areas and then saturate with hot water. Allow for a few minutes before scrubbing the black markings away.

There is so much you can apply DIY techniques on in your home. However, it’s important to know your limits. You know, so we don’t have another Johnny story; just open your wrkman app to hire skilled artisans near you. And if you still haven’t figured out which skit I’m talking about so far, Click here

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