wrkman is helping lives everyday. Read how an artisan earns over a million using wrkman.

Posted by Zurk , on April 24, 2022

A couple of weeks into using the platform to get clients, Biodun had this to say “Wrkman has really helped me, I’ve gotten many jobs and contracts”.

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When readiness meets opportunity, one is lucky or so they say. Abiodun is a professional furniture maker that lives and works in Lagos. He is his own brand, and honestly, he is doing very well for himself; Readiness. One day, a friend of his told him about this app where he could easily be found by hundreds of clients close to him. Of course, He signs up on the app; Opportunity. And the day his readiness met its opportunity, Biodun made over a million Naira from just one job; Luck?

A couple of weeks into using the platform to get clients, Biodun had this to say “Wrkman has really helped me, I’ve gotten many jobs and contracts”.

What is Wrkman?

wrkman is a service that connects you to service providers near you at the time of need. The app is available on both android and iOS stores. At Wrkman, we have taken our time to vet and verify all of the service providers on the platform so you don’t have to worry about fraud, tardiness, and unprofessionalism. Also, for our service providers, we have opened up a new gateway to reach as many customers as possible.

In 2018, A man traveled with his family to the southern part of Nigeria for a wedding. On the return journey, their car broke down in the middle of the road, it was late, dark, and scary. They couldn’t get help when they needed it. He took a long walk to a village before he found a mechanic to fix the car later in the day, and they continued their journey. This awful and frustrating experience is what inspired him to create Wrkman so no one else would have to go through such suffering again. Wrkman since then has grown into a community of over 5000 people in Nigeria and the US.

Q n A with Biodun

When the team heard that a service provider had made that kind of score from using Wrkman, we contacted Biodun for an interview and He was more than happy to oblige. Here is what Biodun had to say from the quick Q n A session we had with him:

Q: How did you hear about wrkman? A: My friend told me about the wrkman stuff, and I liked it, so I joined it.

Q: How has wrkman helped you? A: Wrkman has been really helpful. I’ve gotten many jobs and contracts and clients.

Q: What’s your advice to anyone who isn’t on wrkman? A: All I can say is they should hurry up and sign up because it’s really helpful.

PS - Abiodun actually spoke in pidgin English, so the video looks and sounds much more interesting. You can watch it here but finish the article first.

How to get started on Wrkman

1. Download the app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices in their respective stores, plus it is not large, so it does not take up your storage.

2. Sign up either as a user or a service provider. From there, there are two different registration paths depending on which category you fall into.

The app is built with location-based search features so you can get service providers closest to you, a 5-star rating system that lets you know what other users think of a service provider. On Wrkman, you will find electricians, plumbers, hairdressers, mechanics, make-up artists, and photographers, and Click here to see full list .

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