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Join One Hundred Thousand Nigerians Using wrkman to hire Reliable Artisans

Experience the convenience, reliability, and quality of hiring top-notch artisans through wrkman. Download the app today and discover why wrkman is the trusted choice for reliable artisan services

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Connecting You with Reliable Artisans: How wrkman Is Slowly Changing How Home Services are Delivered.

Since our launch in mid-2021, wrkman has been committed to solving this common artisan problem by connecting individuals and businesses with reliable artisans in their local area. With over 100,000 jobs completed across Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, we have established ourselves as the number one go-to platform for anyone needing skilled professionals for their home service needs.

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5 times wrkman has proved itself as the Number one go-to home services platform

Finding reliable artisans can be challenging, and that’s where wrkman comes in. wrkman saves users the stress of finding reliable artisans. We have a team on standby that vets every artisan before they’re onboarded, so users don’t have to worry about trust.

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New Apps, New Niche, and Tech Events: wrkman’s exciting plans for Q1, 2024

“Saving lives since 2021” encapsulates the essence of wrkman, where we’ve successfully linked over 25,000 Nigerians with more than 12,000 reliable artisans. In just a few short years, wrkman has gone from a vision to a community of over 40,000 robust, connecting Nigerians with honest artisans and making artisan services more accessible since 2021.

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4 Home Cleaning DIYs to Prepare You for the Festive Season

As you gear up for celebrations, taking the time to declutter and freshen up your living space can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll explore four DIY home cleaning hacks that will leave your home sparkling and ready for the festivities.

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Home maintenance; wrkman’s guide to the harmattan season

Harmattan is not just cold; it is dry. That’s why we could spread clothes, which dry in a few hours during Harmattan. One of the primary concerns during the Harmattan season is dust infiltration into homes. This fine dust can be detrimental to electronic gadgets and appliances.

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Rainy Season Home Maintenance Checklist: Protect Your Property

As the skies open up and showers become a daily occurrence, ensuring that your home is prepared to withstand the elements is crucial. This Rainy Season Home Maintenance Checklist will guide you through the steps to safeguard your property. We’ll highlight how wrkman service providers in Nigeria can assist you in this crucial task.

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The Role of Trust in Home Services: Customer Perspectives

When it concerns home services, Trust is paramount. Customers invite service providers into their homes. Often they rely on them to solve urgent issues or make significant repairs. Successful service relationships like these are built on Trust. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about the vital role trust plays from the perspective of customers seeking home services.

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Unveiling Our ‘User of the Week’ Campaign: Celebrating YOU, Our Valued Community Members

Our community of users has always been at the heart of everything we do. Your trust, engagement, and loyalty inspire us to continually innovate and provide top-notch services. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest campaign that’s all about celebrating YOU – our incredible wrkman community members. Get ready for the ‘User of the Week’ campaign, a month-long journey of appreciation, recognition, and rewards.

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