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The wrkmandey4u mega promo is approaching its crescendo, are you ready?

On the 1st of October this year, we announced the launch of the wrkmandey4u MEGA promo. And since then, we have had 2 live sessions hosted on Twitter and Instagram, 10 lucky winners of N20,000 each, and a mini raffle that saw 5 winners go home with phones, laptops, blenders, rechargeable fans, and a microwave. And yet, we have hundreds of raffle codes already enlisted in our mega raffle. The question is; will you be missing out on this??

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Think artisans, Think wrkman

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the keyword ‘artisan’? Do you immediately think ‘Oh, I know where to get the ones I can trust’, or do you go ‘ah, I remember that one-time Kamoru showed me shege’?

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5 lucky winners go home with laptops, phones and more following the wrkmandey4u mini raffle

If you think the mini raffle was amazing, then wait till you hear what we have planned for you in our MEGA raffle. 3 lucky winners will take home cash prizes of up to N1 million.

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wrkman is giving us a taste of the soup with the wrkmandey4u mini-raffle

After the mini raffle, the question that will be on everyone’s lips is; wrkman, what did you put in your soup? And we’ll say ‘we put in the full goodness of wrkman; assured security when dealing with our artisans, reliability, and professionalism… and a few perks to spice things up.

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10 winners and hundreds of participants already recorded in the ongoing wrkman dey 4 u mega promo

Oh, we had a good time during the live sessions. Indeed, people have really seen shege in the hands of artisans. It was beyond our wildest expectations. The craziest one was….

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Giveaways and updates. You can’t afford to miss our live sessions.

100k up for grabs. So during the live spaces, while you’re sharing your artisan story and getting insights, you still stand a chance to win giveaways up to 100k. Hmmm, indeed, wrkman dey 4 u. You don’t want to miss this.

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The ongoing wrkmandey4u promo and all you need to know to win big!

The wrkmandey4u Mega promo has officially kicked off and is already seeing a lot of active participants from all over the country. And asides from the huge cash prizes up to N1 million, other amazing prizes like phones, laptops, washing machines, blenders, and so much more are up for grabs in this mega promo.

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Up to N1 Million and lots of amazing prizes up for grabs in the wrkmandey4u mega promo

Lots of prizes are up for grabs in this mega promo (we’re not playing). The winner goes home with a cash prize of 500k, the first runner-up 300k, and the second runner-up 150k.

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Four home maintenance mistakes you could be making

According to Your money, the missing manual by J. D. Roth; Every dollar spent on preventative maintenance around the house saves you about $100 in future repairs. The first reason home maintenance is essential is that it saves you money as a homeowner.

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