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Posted by admin, on May 22, 2024

Experience the convenience, reliability, and quality of hiring top-notch artisans through wrkman. Download the app today and discover why wrkman is the trusted choice for reliable artisan services

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Finding reliable artisans for home repairs and maintenance in Nigeria can often be challenging. The frustration of dealing with poor workmanship, delays, dishonesty, and overcharging is all too familiar. People who move to new places also need help searching for local hands like carpenters, electricians, gen servicing and more for their domestic needs.

However, there is a solution that over one hundred thousand Nigerians have already embraced – wrkman.

The Problem: Unreliable Artisans

In Nigeria, many people have faced the inconvenience of hiring artisans who fail to deliver on their promises. Whether it's a plumber who leaves a job incomplete or an electrician who overcharges for subpar work, unreliable artisans cause significant disruptions to our daily lives.

The impact of these issues extends beyond just financial loss; it can also lead to wasted time, stress, and potential property damage. This widespread problem has been something most have come to accept as the Nigerian standard. However, since they launched, wrkman has brought a change to the artisan industry in Nigeria.

The Solution: wrkman

wrkman is an innovative platform designed to connect Nigerians with reliable, vetted artisans. wrkman was launched in mid-2021, and has quickly become the go-to source for professional home services. With a focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction, wrkman offers a seamless experience for users.

You can browse through a curated list of skilled artisans by downloading the app and book the service you need with just a few taps. wrkman offers many services, including plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, mechanic services, appliance repairs and more, making it a comprehensive solution for all home maintenance needs.

wrkman Success Stories

The success of wrkman is evident in the numerous positive experiences its users share. Take the case of Fatima, a Lagos resident who needed urgent plumbing repairs in her kitchen. Frustrated by previous bad experiences, she turned to wrkman. Within hours, a professional plumber arrived at her home, fixed the issue promptly, and provided a fair price for the service. Fatima's story is just one of many that highlight the effectiveness and reliability of wrkman.

Another example is Chinedu from Abuja, a carpenter who needed to expand his customer base. He signed up on wrkman after a friend advised him to. Shortly after he passed the vetting process, he got his first job offer: to make a custom shoe rack for a customer who lived a few kilometres away. Chinedu finessed that gig and has gotten a lot more customers from wrkman.

Stories like these illustrate how wrkman is transforming how Nigerians find and hire artisans.

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How wrkman Ensures Reliability

wrkman’s commitment to quality starts with a rigorous vetting process. Each artisan is thoroughly screened to ensure they have the necessary skills, experience, and professionalism. This vetting process includes background checks, verification of qualifications, and assessments of past work.

Customer feedback also plays a crucial role in maintaining high standards. Artisans must consistently receive positive reviews to remain on the platform, ensuring that only the best service providers are available to users.

wrkman also offers guarantees and policies to ensure customer satisfaction. For instance, if a job is not completed to your satisfaction, wrkman will either send another provider to perfect the job or offer a partial refund. This commitment to excellence and customer care sets wrkman apart from other service platforms.

Benefits of Using wrkman

The benefits of using wrkman are numerous and impactful. Firstly, the convenience of finding and booking reliable artisans through the app saves both time and effort. Instead of sifting through countless unreliable service providers, you can trust wrkman to connect you with professionals who deliver quality work.

Secondly, using wrkman can save you money. By avoiding the pitfalls of unreliable artisans, you can prevent costly repairs and reworks. Moreover, the competitive pricing and transparency wrkman offers ensure you get value for your money.

wrkman offers a wide range of services, making it a one-stop shop for all your home maintenance needs. Whether you need a plumber, electrician, carpenter, or painter, you can find a qualified professional on wrkman. You can manage various home projects through a single platform.


Join the growing community of over one hundred thousand Nigerians who trust wrkman for their home maintenance and repair needs. Experience the convenience, reliability, and quality of hiring top-notch artisans through wrkman. Download the app today and discover why wrkman is the trusted choice for reliable artisan services in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.

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