5 times wrkman has proved itself as the Number one go-to home services platform

Posted by Zurk , on February 16, 2024

Finding reliable artisans can be challenging, and that’s where wrkman comes in. wrkman saves users the stress of finding reliable artisans. We have a team on standby that vets every artisan before they’re onboarded, so users don’t have to worry about trust.

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We commonly say in Nigeria, 'Be careful of that plumber; make him no carry your money run,' the same can be said for any skilled handiwork service provider: mechanics, electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, especially carpenters. Finding reliable artisans can be challenging, and that's where wrkman comes in. wrkman saves users the stress of finding reliable artisans. We have a team on standby that vets every artisan before they’re onboarded, so users don’t have to worry about trust.

The Nigerian artisan industry is mainly unstructured. Since we launched in 2021, wrkman has been the ideal middleman that protects users and artisans in business dealings.

How wrkman has been Leading the Charge in the Nigerian Artisan Industry

wrkman caters to hardworking Nigerians to ensure they deal with only trustworthy professionals. On wrkman, you’ll find service providers for basic needs like plumbing, electrical works and installations, hairstyling, catering, photographers, and so many more. The customer service is impeccable, and you have guarantees if anything goes wrong.

Before wrkman, only a few known companies had attempted to connect Nigerians with artisans online. But today, wrkman is leading that charge. We stand as the safe bridge connecting users to reliable artisans around them. Thousands of Nigerians use wrkman; in this post, we’ll talk about a few times wrkman has proven itself to be the number one in-home services platform.

5 times wrkman has Shown that We are the Number One goto Platform for Home Services

1. Above and Beyond for Our Users and Artisans

The middleman's job is difficult, especially in an industry like ours. wrkman exists to protect both users and artisans. Frequently, we’ve heard stories of people falling prey to terrible artisans or vice versa. Artisans are running away with half payments; users are beating up artisans or refusing to pay for services.

wrkman runs a tight ship when it comes to user and artisan management. Our compliance and customer service teams work hand-in-hand to ensure that both users and artisans on the platform are kept safe while running their businesses. Unlike some platforms that just connect users and disappear, wrkman is present every step of the way to ensure smooth operations.

2. A carpenter named Abiodun

When readiness meets opportunity, luck is what comes of it. Abiodun is a professional furniture maker who lives and works in Lagos. He is his brand; honestly, he is doing very well. One day, a friend of his told him about this app, where he could easily be found by hundreds of clients close to him. Of course, He signs up on the app. And the day his readiness met its opportunity, Biodun made over a million Naira from just one job.

Weeks into using the platform to get clients, Biodun said: “wrkman has really helped me, I’ve gotten many jobs and contracts. Thank you, wrkman.”


3. Mr Philip’s Rice Cooker Fixed with wrkman

Mr. Philip’s rice cooker was thought to be gone until he found a reliable appliance repair professional on wrkman. He said: Please help me post it with my name. "Phillip was able to diagnose the problem with my gas cooker very quickly when he came and offered a solution, which he applied competently. I was impressed with his pleasant disposition and his competence. I shall be reaching out to him in the future if needed. Thank you wrkman

4 - Before and After with wrkman

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5. What wrkman Users are Saying

● Thank you for having honest artisans; this guy and the other one are honest indeed - Mr Solange.

● Yes, he did. It’s working well. Thank you very much. I have downloaded the app now. And your customer service is impeccable, fast response and all. Thank you very much - Gbemi, after a fixed appliance.

● wrkman riders are good. I love the way they screened their staff - Anonymous User.

● Yes, it is done. And it is perfect. I am grateful. Thank you. - User, Deborah, After a sublime paint job.

● The rice is on point - User Chidiebere, after hiring a caterer on wrkman.

Why wrkman Stands Out from the Rest

wrkman stands out as the number one platform for home services by offering special perks and incentives to only our customers. Check out these 4 things that make wrkman different from the rest:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Perfection Guaranteed: When you hire a service provider through wrkman, we stand behind the quality of their work. Our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures that if a job isn't done to your satisfaction, we will send our skilled artisans to rectify it until it meets your expectations. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are dedicated to delivering flawless results.

Secure Escrow Feature: Your Money, Protected: We understand the importance of trust and safety in financial transactions. With wrkman's escrow feature, your money is held securely until the job has been completed to your satisfaction. This ensures that customers and service providers have peace of mind, knowing payment is only released when the work has been done perfectly.

Reliable Pros Found Easy: Geolocation at Your Service: Finding trustworthy service providers near you has never been easier. With wrkman's innovative app, we utilize geolocation technology to connect you with reliable professionals in your area. Say goodbye to endless searches and unreliable recommendations. Our platform ensures you can access a network of skilled artisans ready to meet your service needs efficiently and conveniently.

Earn Cashback: Every Dime Counts: We believe in rewarding loyal users. With wrkman, you can earn 3% cash back on every dime you spend on our platform. We appreciate your trust and loyalty, and our cashback program is our way of giving back. Every quarter, you'll receive cashback rewards, adding an extra incentive to choose wrkman for all your service needs.

Final thoughts

wrkman is sitting at the gate and saying, ‘hey, we’re here to help anytime.’ The Nigerian artisan industry is packed. Being able to filter through to find reliable professionals is more of a hassle than the average Nigerian thinks; people don’t find out until they need to fix something around the house.

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