Step by step on how to navigate your wrkman app to hire artisans

Posted by Zurk , on July 19, 2022

This is a step-by-step guide on how to go from signing up to hiring, rating, and reviewing artisans on wrkman.

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1. Open your wrkman app

2. Quickly set up your wrkman profile if you haven’t

3. Click on select services

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4. Choose any service you need from our 21 main categories. we have much more specific sub-categories.

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5. Select any service of your choice, you’ll see a list of all the artisans around you.

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6. If there are no artisans around your immediate location, you get a message that says ‘sorry, there are no available providers within 20km of your location’

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7. Select an artisan, and click check profile. There you get to see their name, previous works, and reviews by other wrkman users.

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8. Click contact, you have the option to call directly or book a request. When you call, it means you're ready to hire right away, but when you book, you set the appointment date to fit your schedule.

After a job

1. Conclude transactions.

2. Rate your artisan's work between 1 star and 5 stars.

3. Write a review for other members of the community to reference.

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